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AT&T’s iPhone Announcement

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AT&T’s iPhone AnnouncementWith 10 days to go until the 3G iPhone will be officially sold simultaneously in 22 countries, AT&T have announced details about the US launch. As rumored, AT&T stores will start selling the iPhone at 8 AM on Friday, July 11th.

The prices are those announced by Steve Jobs at the WWDC. The 8GB will go for $199 and the 16GB will go for $299; both offers are available with two year plans. In order to qualify you would have to be a previous iPhone customer looking for the upgrade, a customer activating a new line, or a customer eligible for an upgrade discount.

If you aren’t eligible for whatever reason, you will be purchasing the 3G iPhone for $399 or $499 depending on what version you choose. The good news is that AT&T will offer a no contract iPhone for $599 and $699. When exactly is this future going to take place?

In order to check your eligibility, go online to AT&T and see if you qualify. If you pay your fees on time and your current AT&T contract is approaching its end you should be fine.

As for plans you have where to choose from. With pricing ranged from $69.99 to $129.99 per month you can choose from four AT&T Nation plans with voice minutes and unlimited data. SMS messages will be charged extra or you will have to get an additional SMS plan. Text messaging plans are from $20 for FamilyTalk plans of up to five lines to $15 for Nation, which will get you 1,500 messages or $5, which will get you 200 SMS.
AT&T’s iPhone AnnouncementHere are the AT&T Nation plans for the 3G iPhone:

* AT&T NationSM Unlimited: Includes unlimited Anytime Minutes for $129.99 a month.
* AT&T Nation 1350: Includes 1350 Anytime Minutes and unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes for $109.99 a month.
* AT&T Nation 900: Includes 900 Anytime Minutes and unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes for $89.99 a month.
* AT&T Nation 450: Includes 450 Anytime Minutes and 5,000 Night & Weekend Minutes for $69.99 a month.

Or you can choose an AT&T FamilyTalk when you buy your 3G iPhone. Both AT&T Nation and FamilyTalk will include long distance calling, roaming, visual voicemail, rollover minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling, call forwarding and waiting, caller ID and three way calling. It would be weired not to have any of these options included.

If you are waiting for your boss to get you the iPhone, make sure he knows the activation rules. If your company qualifies it should get the extra Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone priced at $45 per month and an eligible voice plan.

Ready to buy your 3G iPhone? How do you like AT&T’s iPhone plans compared to, let’s say 3’s plans in Hong Kong?

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