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NTT Docomo Separate Keitai splits in two

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 NTT Docomo Separate Keitai splits in twoCEATEC 2008, Japan, seems to be the perfect place to get in touch with world’s latest inventions in technology. The event is highly expected worldwide because it gives manufacturers the chance to reveal the results of their work and receive answers from participants.

NTT Docomo Inc amazed the public by introducing a concept cell phone that doesn’t follow the rules of cell phones as we have known them so far. The exhibited prototype of the “Separate Keitai” can be split in two pieces, a screen and a keyboard segment. Yes, don’t be so surprised, everything’s possible! And this mobile phone’s key operation part can be separated from the display part as it was shown at CEATEC.

 NTT Docomo Separate Keitai splits in twoThe handset gives users the chance to make a call while reading an email or checking their electronic schedule. Moreover, they can even use the separate unit as an MP3 player. The prototype has the same shape as normal foldable mobile phones, but the operation part and the display part are synced with each other through a magnet, and they can be detached by only using a small force. This way, both of the parts have their individuality very well defined and can be operated and viewed when they are separated. However, the prototype had its two parts joined via Bluetooth wireless connection.

The surprise doesn’t end here, though: the touchscreen reacts to the way the users are holding it. For example, when the display part is vertically joined, the operation part shows a numeric keypad for making a call. When it is horizontally attached, the operation part displays a character entry screen. The company said that in this position the horizontal function can be turned into a gamepad for some mobile video game action. NTT Docomo Separate Keitai splits in twoFor other applications, the display part can be used as a music player while having your operation part stored in a bag. In addition, like exchangeable covers of mobile phones, there will be various combinations of display parts and operation parts. This means that when a user is running, for example, a wristband type display might be used instead of a normal display.

NTT Docomo wasn’t the only company who exhibited the Separate Keitai, as Fujitsu Ltd showcased also the concept phone. I’m positive about the fact that many of those who get to see the phone would like one for themselves. Unfortunately, the company said that “this is a concept model so we have not decided a schedule for practical application”. This is bad news, isn’t it?


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