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Samsung Lavender, developed by a 16 years old designer

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Samsung LavenderWhat do you say to a 16 years old wannabe designer who invites you to make a review on his latest cellphone design, his favorite so far, which, by the way, looks absolutely amazing? You’ll be speechless, that’s what, because when you were 16, you barely had the chance of using such a device. Let’s face it, children grow up in a different environment nowadays because they have access to great amounts of crucial information and an extraordinary capacity of storing everything they come across.

The Samsung Lavender was developed by Andrew Kim, an amateur designer, who worked to this concept phone for nearly six months, and now he got to fully rendering and packaging the device. To make his work known, he posted it on ProductDesignForums. It looks pretty nice, isn’t it?
Samsung LavenderWhen I first saw this, the last thing to cross my mind was that the Lavender is, in fact, a phone. It’s more like a perfume bottle or a sophisticated jewel that issues a sense of high fashion and elegance. At a first glance, you might think there’s something wrong with the device or that the image is somehow distorted, due to its asymmetrical shape, but the truth is that precisely the unusual shape makes it different from any others you have seen before.

The designer named the phone as he did because the aroma of lavender is a universal symbol of beauty and elegance, he says, so the Samsung Lavender transposes the beauty into a physical form. The lines of the device emphasize the most pure form of simplicity and the ideal proportions, being clean, fluid and wrapping the device in harmony. The Lavender features a predominant deep violet color, fusing with notes of warm pink. In the front of the device there are both the speaker and the “home” button which is crafted in a ruby color. As far as the back is concerned, you can easily see that it follows the same design language of the front. On the whole, the phone looks a lot like a perfume bottle, having a very feminine aspect.
Samsung LavenderIn the rear, the camera is surrounded by a circular flash and an array of “Starlight” LEDs which start pulsating whenever the phone is used in a dark location.

In addition, the Lavender can be connected to all sorts of accessories through a USB connector placed at the bottom of the device and secured by a magnetic latch system, but the device functions without the attachment accessories.
The Lavender comes with a “Lavender Light” attachment that emits bacteria fighting UV light during charging. During regular usage, the LEDs emit light when the touch screen is touched. On the other hand, there is a plastic perfume dispenser, which can easily be refilled. The only thing you have to do in order to activate the spray nozzle is to just press on the metal head.
Samsung LavenderBut you haven’t yet heard the best part: the user interface features in the background a perfume liquid which gives you information about the battery life remaining. This means that, as the device is used, the level of “perfume” lowers.

Great concept, undoubtedly, especially because we’re talking about a 16 years old kid, and I sure hope that Samsung Lavender will soon hit the mass production. It’s worth it!


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