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iPhone 5 With a 4.3 Inch Screen?

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iPhone 5 With a 4.3 Inch Screen?
Technology lovers are as keen as mustard about the launch of iPad2. Initially the information about the launch was considered as a rumor but now it seems as a fact and its official event is expected very soon. Reuters and New York Times disclosed that iPad 2 is coming in the lime light in this first week of March. It’s sure that after the launch of iPad2 Apple will give the entire attention to the iPhone 5. The upcoming iPhone5 will be something out of ordinary and it was reported that comparatively iPhone’s market is much bigger than the iPad’s.
Beginning of Rumors

Flow of rumors was seen after the release of iPhone4. God knows that either the fake news was for the sake of website’s traffic or just to shake the world of technology. Right now at the moment all of the tittle-tattles and prattles are actually becoming true because intentionally or unintentionally Apple Company was found as the source of getting the snitches. Some of the information’s were leaked by the Glass screen manufacturer which supply the components for the frontal screen of iPhone5.
It Looks like ?

Few pictures of iPhone5 were designed on the computers keeping in view the hearsays. Though there isn’t any surety in the verity of these images but still it paints a vague image in the minds about the construction of the phone plus compelling us to observe the similarity of the upcoming phone with the iPhone4. Through the picture one can easily infer the major difference in both of the products i.e. the difference in the size of the screen.iPhone 5 With a 4.3 Inch Screen?Screen of iPhone5 is wider than that of the previous launch. Through the pictures it is clear to observe that the screen could have the size up to 4.3 inches which will provide more ease to the users,

Apple has a large number of users and numerous people are waiting for the new launch. Now cutting to the chase, exact date of the launch is doubtful but according to the hearsay it is expected in the summers. Users who are waiting must be on cloud nine.


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i am fan of iphone and its all series now i am excited for this new series of iphone, iphone 5 i hope i will available soon in mobile market

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