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O2 Cocoon 3G Phone Review

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O2 Cocoon 3G Phone Review
The beautiful O2 Cocoon is a state of the art 3G fashion phone which has desirable looks & built in Technologies. The Cocoon is a music focused phone which comes with a stunning LED external display & will be noticed in a crowd. The handset is called the Cocoon due to its simple curved casing which is a unique design. The Cocoon has been designed with user friendly features that allow the user to listen to their music just the way they want to & view vital information on a stylish LED display.

The user will find the O2 Cocoon an easy handset to carry with them as the overall measurements are 94mm high by 49mm wide by 21mm deep & the total weigh is 92 gram including the battery. The 3G handset comes with a clamshell opening mechanism & comes with an external hidden display which provides the user with information regarding who is calling, who is texting & what music is playing. The external hidden screen displays a clock & the alarm feature which alerts the user with a hello or morning welcoming display. The hidden display on the O2 Cocoon is similar to the hidden display on the Sony Ericsson Z610i. The user can use the internal screen to view their messages, photos & much more. The internal screen is a high colour screen with a 240 pixel x 320 pixel screen resolution. The user can create a unique & personal feel to their internal screen by changing the wallpaper which can be set to change either every minute or every hour. The wallpaper settings feature allows the user to display their personal taste on their beautiful 3G phone.

The Cocoon comes with a built in music player which will provide the user with hours worth of entertainment complete with easy to use music controls. The phone comes with easy to access controls which are situated on the side of the curved handset, which allow the user to access their music controls when the handset is either open or closed. The user can use the headphone adapter which allows the user to use two headphones when listening to their music. The music experience on the O2 Cocoon is truly a shared experienced using the headphone adapter. The user can create & view music playlists which makes the music experience on the Cocoon individual & provides the user with an easy to use music player. The 3G phone comes with a built in FM radio which allows the user to enjoy a mobile radio experience on their handset to enjoy all their favourite radio stations. The phone supports both MP3 & polyphonic ringing tones which the user can change to suit their ringing tone tastes & style.
O2 Cocoon 3G Phone ReviewO2 Cocoon 3G Phone Review

The 3G Technology provides the user with a multitasking & video calling mobile phone. The phone comes with a USB, Bluetooth® technology & 3.5mm audio output connectivity option which allows the user to connect to other devices easily. The USB connection allows the user to connect their phone to other USB compatible devices using a USB cable which is provided with the O2 Cocoon. The Bluetooth® technology provides the user with wireless connectivity which means the user can connect their 3G phone to a compatible Bluetooth® device using no cables. The Bluetooth® wireless connection can be gained with a ten metres distance between the compatible devices. The phone comes with 2 Gbytes of internal memory which provides the user with a large amount of storage for their music files. The user can expand the phones memory further by adding a Micro SD™ memory card which is a swappable memory card to suit the users storage needed. The user can use their phone Worldwide depending on the network operator as the O2 Cocoon is a quad band technology handset complete with UMTS. The battery will provide up to 350 hours of standby time & approximately 5 hours of talk time for the user to enjoy.

The built in camera feature provides the user with an easy to use mobile digital camera feature which comes with video recording capabilities. The user can capture a photograph or video clip using the built in 2 megapixel camera. The user can store their photographs in the phone photograph library or share their photographs with other using the messaging services. The camera is easy to use & comes with all the built in features a user could desire on their phone which includes a built in flash for those darker environments, a zoom to get up closer to the subject & an auto focus feature to avoid those blurred images being captured. The phone comes with a second camera which is used when the user is taking part in a 3G video call. The smaller 3G video calling camera allows the user to enjoy a face to face call with any 3G video calling compatible users. The user can see their contacts face & environment on the phones internal screen, whilst the video calling camera will capture the user's expressions for their contact to see on their screen. The 3G video call is a perfect way to communicate with others & provides a real feel to any conversation whether it is a business call or a call to friends.

The user can connect to the Internet from their O2 Cocoon using the WAP browser which provides the user with a XHTML Internet experience on their 3G phone. The user can find the latest music & much more information on their mobile Internet browser. The user can use the messaging service to communicate with others in a quick & effective way. The phone supports text messaging & multimedia messaging which allows the user to create a message complete with a photo, text & sound. The multimedia messaging service is known as MMS messaging & allows the user to share their photos with other MMS contacts easily & efficiently. The phone supports Java™ games & the user can download games to suit the users gaming requirements. The user can relax to their own style of games when ever the mood takes them with the O2 Cocoon as a mobile companion. The Cocoon comes with a docking station which allows the user to use their beautiful & versatile 3G phone as a desk mounted music player, alarm clock or a desktop radio. The docking station comes complete with a built in charger which allows the user to recharge their phones battery when it is positioned in the O2 Cocoon docking station.


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