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Details on Verizon's LG Voyager refresh - new firmware, new features, 4G LTE?

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Verizon's LG VoyagerVerizon not long ago launched their LG VX10000 Voyager as an answer to AT&T's Apple iPhone. The touchscreen revolution had just gotten underway and Verizon had to scramble to get its own touchscreen offering on the table. But, with a squishy pressure-sensitive touchscreen and clunky UI, the LG Voyager failed to cash in on the touchscreen-craze created by Apple's multi-touch toting iPhone.

So, now that the iPhone 3G has been launched on AT&T and dozens of GSM carriers worldwide, Verizon is preparing a refresh of the LG Voyager. Last we heard, the LG Voyager is due for a refresh that would have it working with Verizon's upcoming Visual Voicemail system. But, it was unclear whether the refresh would be a hardware redesign or simply a firmware update.

Turns out, the LG Voyager will be getting a mid-cycle refresh courtesy of a revised firmware offering from Verizon. The new LG Voyager firmware will not only enable Visual Voicemail on Verizon's network (for a monthly service fee, natch), but will also bring a couple UI enhancements.

Here's what to expect from the LG Voyager firmware update:

* Drag and Drop Icons on the homescreen (like Verizon's LG Dare)
* Copy and paste
* Drawing pad
* Visual Voicemail
Verizon's LG VoyagerAnd, to help cut down on power-supply costs and bulk, Verizon is including a new wall-charger with all new LG Voyager purchases. The new wall-charger features a USB port into which the USB data cable/charging cable can be inserted - making your USB cable both a portable USB charging cable and a wall-charger. Unfortunately, current Voyager owners are going to have to shell out a few extra bucks for the redesigned charger.

We're also hearing that the LG Voyager (or related iteration) could be due for a hardware revision that would future-proof the next-gen variant with 4G LTE compatibility. This particular rumor is strictly hearsay and should be taken at face value. But, considering that Verizon's LTE network isn't going to get off the ground until 2010 at the earlist, it makes sense that Verizon would offer their flagship touchscreen smartphone with 4G data connectivity.

Current LG Voyager owners can take their handsets in to their nearest Verizon Wireless dealer for the free firmware update, once it goes live, of course. New LG Voyager purchases will come pre-installed with the new firmware.

We're expecting the LG Voyager firmware refresh to be released in August, alongside Verizon's official launch of their Visual Voicemail system.


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