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Motorola MINGMotorola MING A1800 is known as the first Motorola Dual SIM-capable handset and was launched in Asia earlier this year. Today Motorola announced the launching of two other models from the MING Personal Digital Assistant family, in China.
MING A1600 and MING A1800 come with GPS turn-by-turn directions and various multimedia functionalities, while the MING A810 is more an entry-level model with a cool design but rich in productivity features.

"As the next generation of our MING range, the A1600 and A1800 combine Motorola's long heritage in the PDA market with stylish design and innovative technology, delivering a personal productivity experience that has been tailored to the needs of the busy Chinese executive," said Ray Yam, Vice
President and General Manager, Motorola Mobile Devices, China. "The A810, meanwhile, adds new energy and style to Motorola's PDA series - it is ideal for those young professionals who are looking to work hard and play hard, thanks to the multi-functional and fully-featured set of tools we have included."
Motorola MING
Motorola PDAs, MING A1600 and MING A1800, sport a transparent flip cover revealing a large display with handwriting recognition technology. A1600 has a built-in 3.2MP camera with autofocus and panorama, as well as a camera scan talking dictionary. On the other side, the A1800 has support for CDMA/GSM dual-mode dual standby, SMS firewall and a built-in 3MP camera with autofocus. MING A1600 can learn your writing style and increase the speed on a 2.4-inch display.
Motorola MING A810 will be available at an affordable price but it too features smart handwriting for rapid cursive Chinese handwriting input, sporting a candy bar design.
All these models feature touch-sensitive input.

"Designed specifically to reflect the Chinese preference for writing characters by hand, our pen-based PDA series has met with incredible success in China," added Yam. "As one of the first multi-national companies to invest in China, Motorola has always been committed to providing Chinese consumers with pioneering technologies and innovative products."

The new MING PDAs share features like email, Internet access, business card reader, the Kingsoft translation software and Office document management software.
Motorola MING
Motorola MING A1600 has touch-sensitive 2.4-inch display, GPS, a 3.2MP camera, smart Chinese handwriting, talking dictionary that scans characters and pronounces the translation of words you don’t know, Linux platform with multi-tasking support, expandable memory up to 4GB via a microSD card, 360 degree panoramic pictures assembly, and GIF animation via MMS.
MING A1800 has dual-mode dual standby, 2.4-inch touchscreen, GPS, handwriting recognition,calls and SMS firewall, a 3MP camera, 150MB memory expandable up to 4GB via a microSD card, email, Office, business card reader,and the Kingsoft translation software.
Motorola MING A810 has the handwriting recognition, MP3 player, video player, FM radio, a 2MP camera, up to 2GB memory, stock trading, dictionary and games.


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