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BlackBerry Storm Soon to Arrive in Canada

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 BlackBerry Storm Soon to Arrive in CanadaIt looks like Bell and Telus will be the ones enjoying the arrival of the BlackBerry Storm, and probably at the about the same time. This information has reached us after an email has been sent out to those signing up for updates, in which the device is described as the first BlackBerry touchscreen smartphone ever. Also there, it is said that Canada is the place to be, should you wish to purchase this specific phone.

In any case, real excitement is now in order, as the release has been made official, with the further mention that Telus is already open for orders. Since there must be many out there thrilled by the news, this could be a right time they saw the other side of this Storm mobile as well.

BlackBerry Storm is a very fun and well built mobile, but it would seem that it also comes with some, most likely unwanted, flaws that might just represent a deal-breaker. First, as rumors claim, this phone has serious Wi-Fi connection problems, meaning that not only can you not connect to broadbrand, but you will also probably need a long time to accept the truth. While this issue could be seen as the worst yet, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other rumors make of this phone a very slow software device, in that, while it sometimes offers you the speed it should be equipped with, it also blocks for a noticeable period like, for instance, when moving from music tasks to games. Moreover, claims have that it is not in the best shape concerning the battery either, as it becomes too hot to touch when left plugged in for too long. Battery life is yet another major letdown, it has been claimed. Next up, whereas the touchscreen capabilities are spectacular, making for a part of the Storm that does not disappoint, the actual keypad is not that proportionate, which makes it extremely hard to type anything.

Although most of the good things we have heard about the Storm are probably true, somehow it seems that this Blackberry was not in development for as long as it should have been, from where a certain feeling that it has been designed in a rush to catch the holiday season emerges.

In any case, even if it turns out to be an incredible phone that will enjoy great success, you should still take a look at reviews of it before spending about $649.99 free of contract on it, on December 18, when it should be launched.


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