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iPhone 3G Launching at 8:00 AM, July 11

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iPhone 3G Launching at 8:00 AM, July 11AT&T insider leaks iPhone 3G launch date and time

Reportedly, a tipster told folks at The Boy Genius Report that AT&T is launching Apple's iPhone 3G at 8:00 AM on July 11th. While July 11 was already known as the day iPhone 3G was slated for release, the exact hour was a mystery. Store managers allegedly received e-mails informing them of the exact date and time the new device should be made available for purchase.

"We just got a tip that AT&T store managers received emails stating that the iPhone launch would be at 8:00 AM on July 11th, and not 6:00 PM like last year," the source notes. "Our tipster stated this was 8:00 AM CT, but we’d guess if 8:00 AM was indeed the launch time, it would be 8:00 AM local time just like last year." It is still unconfirmed whether 8AM is the exact hour AT&T will open its doors to sell iPhone 3G units.

iPhone fans are surely happy to hear this, but they'd have probably been happier knowing that AT&T doesn't force them to activate the device in-store. Nevertheless, as soon as users take their new iPhones home, they'll be able to instantly start surfing the web and, best of all, the new App Store. Dozens of free apps will be made available at the launch of the service, while most of the Apps showcased at Apple's WWDC this year will go for as little as 10 bucks each.

However, people familiar with Apple's plans recently claimed huge differences between the lowest priced app and the most expensive pricing available to developers, while maximum file size and other limitations are in order as well.

Developers can either release the software for free download, in which case they'll get just a few rounds of applause, or charge iPhone owners from as little as 99 cents to as much as $999.99, in which case they get a 70 percent cut. Apple gets the remaining 30 percent, to spend on maintenance of the App Store.

2GB is the maximum size allowed for apps making their way onto the App Store, which will probably impose some content-based restrictions for creative developers, as some of you will agree. Last, Apple will not endorse the distribution of apps and games bearing an "adult" rating, those knowledgeable of the company's policies told AppleInsider two weeks ago.

Having said all this, who's bringing a sleeping bag to their local AT&T store?

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