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GreenHeart, the eco-friendly Sony Ericsson concept phone

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GreenHeart, the eco-friendly Sony Ericsson concept phoneThe “eco-friendly” or “environmentally friendly” syntagms are synonyms used to refer to goods and services considered to inflict minimal harm on the environment. A widely spread law of economy says that needs are infinite while resources are limited, and therefore scarce. That’s why, each time a certain invention is brought to light, the first thing we should worry about must be the influence its appearance will have on the environment.

Taking care of the world we live in should be an individual task for each and every one of us, but also part of the corporate social responsibility of each company’s politics. We shouldn’t be surprised that more and more companies rely their success on them being involved in crucial issues of the moment.

Given the context, Sony Ericsson joins the team of those who stand for an eco-friendly evolution of the mankind, shaking hands with Samsung who introduced its corn-based Samsung E200 Eco cellphone and Nokia who had the idea of an Nokia Eco Sensor concept device. The company recently announced the launch of its environmentally friendly handset called the GreenHeart. Unfortunately, the cellphone might not ever reach the mass production and we should be satisfied with all the promises invading the market nowadays. GreenHeart incorporates a bunch of green technologies that people would love to see in the stores over the coming years, especially because the ideas it is based on are totally logical and could be executed today.

GreenHeart, the eco-friendly Sony Ericsson concept phoneThe device has a pretty decent life cycle due to its bio-plastic housing and recycled plastic materials keypads, the zero charger with 3.5mW standby power and the HTML-based electronic manuals, in order to diminish the number of cut down trees for paper. In addition, the phone comes in an even “greener” package and features “Ecomate”, an educational application that looks much like a fun game.

The whole point with these types of handsets is to minimize as much as it’s possible the impact a cell phone has on the environment. I’m not sure we’ll get to see the concept becoming reality, but Sony Ericsson has shared it with a few selected partners in the industry and got some extremely positive answers. The next step will consist on initiating a two-way conversation with costumers in order to find out which features they believe should be implemented in future phones and in what priority.

Steps like this one have been made before, but we should pray for a similar concept to finally see the light of the day, so that environmental sustainability wouldn’t be just dust in the wind.


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